7 Reasons To Visit Kuala Lumpur City Gallery
June 9, 2016 Kuala Lumpur

Part of playing tourist in my own city, I visited Kuala Lumpur City Gallery which is the hot spot of I Love KL photo spot. You even have to queue to take a picture there. Truth be told, I did not have any idea of what lies inside Kuala Lumpur City Gallery until my visit. My short visit to Kuala Lumpur City Gallery was lovely and enlightening. Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is not just another gallery. Do not make the same mistake! I come out from Kuala Lumpur City Gallery thrilled and convinced everyone must visit Kuala Lumpur City Gallery. Here are 7 reasons to visit Kuala Lumpur City Gallery:-

#1 Tourist Information Centre at Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

The Kuala Lumpur City Gallery also houses the tourist information centre where you can get Kuala Lumpur Walks and Tours Map for free. You can buy the Hop On Hop Off tickets here too and it is also one of the stops of the Hop On Hop Off bus. If you would care to note, there is a giant map of Kuala Lumpur on the wall of the Tourist Information Centre. Trust me, this is one of the best tourist information centre I have seen all over Malaysia. 

#2 Crazy pose in front of I Love KL photo spot

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

I do not know who created the hype over the I Love KL photo spot, but it is a major must go destination in Kuala Lumpur if doing mainstream tourist activity is your cup of tea. The photo spot has been a subject of photography from every nook and corner, so a sprinkle of creativity might be useful to create originality. 

#3 History of Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

I cannot emphasize enough why Kuala Lumpur City Gallery must be made your first visit of Kuala Lumpur. Located in a 115 years old heritage building within the Dataran Merdeka enclave, it tells you the story of Kuala Lumpur in photos, prints and miniatures. 

#4 360 Experience of Kuala Lumpur


One of the highlights of Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is the Kuala Lumpur City Model with a 360 experience. After a long queue, which is the usual case over the weekend, you will be ushered into a big room where the miniature model of Kuala Lumpur city takes centre stage. The visitors will surround the miniature model in a circle, hence the 360 experience. The light will be switched off and the screen upfront projects the fun facts about the city’s past, present and future. The light projection will then be displayed on the miniature model to show the development of Kuala Lumpur. You will enjoy the 360 Experience of Kuala Lumpur because it gives you the many perspectives of Kuala Lumpur. 

#5 Miniature of Masjid Jamek and Independence Square

Apart from 360 Experience of Kuala Lumpur, you will also get to see the miniature version of Masjid Jamek and Dataran Merdeka. You will also get to learn of the architectures that pride the buildings.

#6 Delicious Food at Arch Cafe


At one corner of Kuala Lumpur City Gallery, there lies the Arch Cafe where you can take in the archy feel of the gallery while consuming Malaysian’s best food. The entrance ticket (RM5) is also a voucher at this cafe. Apart from the nasi lemak, the stealer is definitely the Imperial Durian Cake. I actually recommended the Imperial Durian Cake for few friends who went to eat and concurred with its deliciousness. Look like durian, smell like durian and taste like durian. Give it a try!

#7 Fancy Souvenir Shopping

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

Kuala Lumpur City Gallery

You can get all kind of souvenirs at the souvenir shop of Kuala Lumpur City Gallery. They are of quality and comes in variety. I love the note book as well as the bookmark. Also, you can find reference book about Kuala Lumpur at this shop. The iconic I Love KL is also imprinted in the souvenirs such as key chains, fridge magnets and t-shirts.  If you ask me, this is my favourite Malaysian souvenirs place if quality is your primary consideration because the souvenirs are a tad bit too pricey.

Arch Making

Unleash your inner talent to create your own souvenirs. That little personal touch.

For further info:-
No. 27, Jalan Raja, Dataran Merdeka,
50050 Kuala Lumpur
T: +6 03 2698 3333
F: +603 2694 8000

Open from 9.ooam to 6.30pm daily
Entrance fee is RM5

The visit to Kuala Lumpur City Gallery is part of the Eat Travel Doodle, which is a joint collaboration between Gaya Travel Magazine and Ministry of Tourism Malaysia.

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