A trip to Gunung Jerai
August 28, 2013 Kedah

I attended an engagement event of a close friend in Sungai Petani earlier today. I wanted to see the beauty of Gunung Jerai or Jerai Hill, so I contacted my friend who didn’t mind going together. I was not sure of the route, so we followed GPS until we were brought to the foothill of Gunung Jerai. From there, we followed the sign up to The Regency Jerai Hill Resort.

The uphill driving requires caution be practised as the road was steep and narrow. There was us driving slowly with caution to the Regency Jerai Hill Resort which was 16km away from the foothill of Gunung Jerai. It could be a tad bit dangerous when you bump into approaching cars. Slow down and be patient. Also, be on the look for mat rempits enjoying the winding road. Before proceeding uphill, make sure you check whether there is any landslide occuring at the area.

We heaved a relief as we finally arrived at Gunung Jerai and a signboard reads:-

Gunung Jerai is an isolated body of rock with a summit of  1217 metres above sea level. It is an unusual peak that sits in solitude close to the coast, suggesting that this was once an island long time ago, named Pulau Serai.

Its proximity to the coast has made it a landmark for a sailor and traders from distance lands who used it as beacon for landfall during the 5th to 16th century…

You can use Jerai Hill shuttle van at the cost of RM60.

When we were on our way up Gunung Jerai, the cloud was sky blue. But when we arrived, the view of the paddy fields and Straits of Malacca were closed by fog. Tak ada rezeki. We took this opportunity to walk around the Jerai Hill Resort The Regency. I noticed motorcycles are not allowed into the compound of the resort. But nobody stopped the cars. Gunung Jerai is the highest peak in Kedah. Although it is no Cameron Highlands, Gunung Jerai is still fogged and the atmosphere sends the chill to the bone. I am told, sunset is best viewed up the hill facing the paddy field.

Gunung Jerai

It is noteworthy that the flowers planted at Gunung Jerai are that of highland. I myself got excited looking at the flowers.



Gunung Jerai

According to the receptionist, the superior and the executive rooms have the best view. Keep this in mind if you are going to stay at Gunung Jerai overnight.




After walking around the resort, we retired to Puncak Jerai Restaurant. For which I ordered Smoked Salmon Salad (RM16) and Jerai Special (RM8).

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