Chatuchak Weekend Market
December 2, 2013 Thailand

On my recent trip to Bangkok, we managed to go to Chatuchak Weekend Market (pronounced as Jatujak) which is the world’s largest weekend market. It covers 27 acres land divided into 27 sections selling almost everything you are looking for at bargain price.

We left our hotel as early as 8.30am as I had read somewhere Chatuchak Weekend Market would be crowded by afternoon. As we were going to rely on BTS train line for the whole day, we bought BTS One-Day Pass which costs THB140 each. We disembarked at Mo Chit Station and we followed a huge crowd walking towards Chatuchak Weekend Market. At first, we were clueless as to where we wanted to go, but we did fine following the trail of people heading to the market.

Mo Chit Station

You would be surprised seeing people flocking in with big luggage bag which is used to store their purchased items. It is advisable to buy a map or print Chatuchak Weekend Market map online because you are bound to get lost. Drink plenty of water because the weather is hot and dry. Eat your breakfast for energy booster.

If you don’t like a crowded place, you should reconsider coming to Chatuchak Weekend Market but this place is a must-go atleast once in a lifetime.

Chatuchak Weekend Market Map

Section 1 : Amulets, books, collectibles, food shop & cafe
Section 2 – 4 : Collectibles, home decor, paintings, terra cotta
Section 5 – 6 : Clothes, adornments, miscellanous products
Section 7 – 9 : Antiques, furniture, ceramics, handicrafts
Section 10 – 24 : Clothes, consumer products, adornments, household appliances, pets
Section 17 – 19 : Ceramics, fresh and dry food
Section 22 – 26 : Antiques, furniture & handicrafts
Section 27 : Books, food and dessert shops, collectibles

Bak kata orang Melayu, boleh shopping sampai lebam.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market

We felt as if we were heating inside an oven that we quickly grabbed mango juice drinks from the available stall to ease the thirst. My mother spotted a shop with white blouses selling at THB100 each. She insisted on me to buy some blouses for work. And for obvious reasons, she chose those with a size or two bigger than what I usually wear. As we walked further, we found another shop with the very same concept. Everything inside the shop is being sold at THB100 each.

Halal Food in Chatuchak Weekend Market

Next to the shop, I spotted a lady wearing a scarf selling hot dogs and some weirdly decorated bananas. I walked closer and asked, halal? And she said yes! They also sell delicious garlic breads. Since the weather had hit me, I was no longer in the mood to shop. Plus, I was starving.

Halal Food in Chatuchak

Garlic Bread in Chatuchak

We went in search for the famous halal restaurant near the clock tower. We asked for directions, most of sellers did not understand a word I was telling them. It was after showing them a picture of the clock tower from printed material on halal food that they finally gave us directions to the clock tower.

We passed by a kebab restaurant too! It’s halal.

Halal Food in Chatuchak Weekend Market

Ramazan Kebab

Finally, we found Saman Islam Restaurant. Full house; we had to wait to be seated. This restaurant is only frequented by Muslims, but people from different races too. The food is very delicious especially the tomyam. My mother ordered the chicken rice which was good too! We had a good chat with a group of Chinese girls from Puchong who were on their shopping free with huge trolley bags.

Chatuchak Halal Food


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  1. kedai halal tu tak jauh ke dari chatuctak market? walking distance?

  2. kedai fake fruits tu memang jual buah fake ke? ke nama kedai je? ish curious plak nak tau hahaha..weh makanan ni nampak sangat menyelerakan. esp yg tomyam tu..ya ampunnn

    • Benda dia jual macam-macam. Kadang tu fake fruits tu sabun. Kadang deco rumah je. Tapi memang buah-buah dalam kedai tu plastik je tgk hari tu.

      Tomyam dia memang sedap. Padthai pun sedap gila.

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