Container Hotel
December 9, 2013 Hotel/Hostel Reviews

Sometimes, traffic makes us aware of our surroundings. During my short drive to office two weeks ago, I caught sight of a stunning container-like structures in Jalan Delima. Few blocks away from Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie. The sign read “Container Hotel”. I said to myself, what a unique concept for a hotel and I shall check this place out.

So, when an avid traveller met another avid travellers, we shared newly discovered places and I brought up the discovery of this 4-month-old hotel off Jalan Bukit Bintang. Spontaneously, we drove down to the hotel to check out.

We were lucky as the owner, Ryan Loo was there at the hotel with his wife. After formal introductions, we were welcome by Ryan Loo and brought on a trip around the hotel. To our surprise, the owner is a very young engineer cum entrepreneur. For a 30-years-old to be brave enough to open a hotel at high-end location like Jalan Delima, it is really inspiring.

Container Hotel

Container Hotel

Container Hotel

Uniqueness of Container Hotel

The uniqueness of Container Hotel is obvious. I have not seen a hotel in Kuala Lumpur with such unique concept. The idea of Container Hotel is inspired by Kyosho Jutaku concept – living large in small space.

The containers and concrete pipes as well as other materials used are recycled materials. This is the kind of hotel you would expect from a creative engineer. Wait until you have a look at the dormitory’s toilet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Adventure Room

Container Hotel

Container Hotel

A concrete pipe room! Imagine living in a concrete pipe. The space is constrained but it is enough for two pax. The concrete pipes were refurbished and it is equipped with air-conditioned and power plug. Only that, there is no attached bathroom given the limited space. But no worries, the shared bathroom is only 1 minute away from the adventure rooms.

Container Hotel

The inside of adventure room.

Container Hotel

Published rate for the room is RM120. Current promo : RM84

Conservative Room

Container Hotel

On the ground floor in front of the reception area are the conservative rooms which are housed inside used containers. Inside the room, there is a queen bed with a glass see-through window facing the adventure rooms.

Container Hotel

There is almost a bathroom inside the room. Since the space is limited, the room is equipped with a fold-able desk.

Container Hotel

Published rate for the room is RM200. Current rate is RM140.


There are 3 dormitories at Container Hotel. Two are catered for mixed dormitories meanwhile one is meant for girl dormitory. For each dorm, it can fit 8 people.

Conatiner Hotel

Locker and padlock are provided by Container Hotel for storage.

Very thoughtful! Each person has one plug to charge their gadgets. You don’t have to fight for plugs with dorm mates or even worry about charging your gadgets out of sight because your plug is just next to your bed.

The toilet. It has a unique system whereby after finishing off your business and flushing the water out, water will come out from tiny tube from where you can wash your hands and the water will then flow into the pump section.

Published rate for the room is RM80. Current rate is RM54.

Why Stay at Container Hotel?

Because it’s near the Golden Triangle but far enough from noisy street where clubs and lounges are. It’s 15 minutes walk from Pavilion and many shopping centres around Jalan Bukit Bintang. It’s near one of the best pastries shop – Levain.

Wifi is free!

If you are coming to Malaysia and your onwards destinations are Singapore and Indonesia and you require visa being made before your departures, Container Hotel is definitely the place to stay due to the close vicinity to the embassy areas.

Container Hotel is really new. They are still in the process of final touch up. But I am pretty positive this place is a perfect accomodation for flashpackers and backpackers looking for unique accommodations.

Just outside Container Hotel, there is Chatime at your convenience.

Photography subjects are in abundance around this hotel. Drop by whenever you are free and do consider a stay.

For further information:-

Website :ย
Facebook :ย
Instagram : @containerhotel
Phone :ย 03-2110 4388
Email :ย
*published rates are subject to change. Please check on the website for updated rates.
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  1. omg the hotel looks so cool! will def check it out .. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ok, that is cool! Haha.But the adventure room is definitely not suitable for claustrophobic peeps. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Is there ANY standing room at all in the adventure room? Or all taken up by the bed?

  4. Nice..something different from others..

  5. hi Farah,
    just drop a message,
    next time i visit KL will back to container hotel & try the adventure room
    o,ya thank for the cemetery chit chat during our lunch at escape ๐Ÿ˜‰

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