Coron Palawan : Hidden Lagoon
November 7, 2012 Coron

The next day in Coron, Palawan surprised me with clear skies with fast moving clouds and a happening town. The market area was especially busy with the locals buying fresh products. Mount Tapyas stood high against the sky blue background, oh this town felt so welcoming. Walking to Coron Galeri took me more or less 10 minutes where we waited for the group to complete before we were taken to board the boat near the jetty.

This is how Coron Galeri office looks like:-

Coron Galeri is also known as Calamianes Expeditions & Ecotours (Licensed Tour Operator)

Located at Coron Galeri Lokals #11 San Augustin St. Barangay 3 Coron, Palawan

The contact person is AL and MAE LINSANGAN who can be contacted at 0919992 6766 / 0919-305 4363 / 0917-552 6766


Our first destination is HIDDEN LAGOON. We were supposed to go to Twin Lagoon where one could dive into the hole of the towering rocks to go into the other lagoon, but it was temporarily closed due to the dispute between Tagbanua people (aborigin people) and the government. Apart from Kayangan Lake, I had least imagination for other Coron Islands destinations.

But boy, when doing Coron Islands Island Hopping Tour, there’s no such thing like saving the best for last. Even the first destination of the day had set the standard high. I was by then frantically taking pictures of the turquoise surface of the lagoon. That morning we rented a snorkelling mask at PHP100/set. We were then given 45min-1hr to explore Hidden Lagoon.

 The water was very relaxing with little current but I had my life vest on simply because I was and still am afraid of water. Sense of adventure overshadowed my fear for water as I braved the water to the mangrove area which can be swarm in a circle. I did it half way and ducked back to the boat.

What is the chance of you bumping into places as beautiful as paradise more than one within a day?

Everywhere is paradise here in Coron.

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  1. the turqoise water looks so inviting! i love it that the hidden lagoon seems original and untouched, just perfect. how much did you get for local flight to Coron?

    • It was not only the Hidden Lagoon, but the whole of Coron Islands remain untouched to my eyes albeit some reports of damage done to the area due to dynamite fishing.

      I took Cebu Pacific from Manila to Busuanga. Costs me around MYR250 return.

  2. Wow. this will definitely go into my travel wish list. Awesome crystal clear water.

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