Coron Palawan : Isla Bulungan
November 9, 2012 Coron

Playing with water has always been attribute to hunger. When we were busy snorkelling and exploring the beauty that was Coron, the boatmen cum cooks prepared our luncheon. When all is ready we set sail to a white sand beach with blackstone background framed by Kalachusi trees. Bulungan Islet Coral is a perfect place for lunch. There is a small hut where visitors can eat their meals. While meals are being prepared, one can continue to swim and snorkel around the area.

There was a nippah table next to the hut on which, sea corals were arranged according.

The food was awesome albeit the fact that I had to forego the grilled fish as it was grilled together with pork ribs. The gulai was similar to Malaysian’s gulai except that the gulai was cooked using a pumpkin. For all my life, I had thought there was only one seaweed that comes in the form of sheets of drief Porphyra/nori sheets used in soups or to wrap sushi.

But Philippines introduced me to another type of seaweed that is sea grapes (scientifically known as Caulerpa Racemosa).  It does look like small grapes suspended on a string. Sea grapes are best eaten raw with mixture of chopped tomatoes and onions. Marc, our Filipino friend told us it should be eaten with vinegar, to which idea, we had to politely decline because of our restriction.

Philippines has a great deals of interesting food! The last time it was floral salad. This time around it’s sea grapes salad. What’s next?

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  1. Sea grapes is delicious. You can also have it in Pasar Filipina night market in KK with the Ikan Bakar. Yummy.

  2. We have a scheduled flight to Palawan next week. Your photos excite me to arrive in that place. I’ll include Coron and Isla Bulungan to our must visit in Palawan.

    El Nido Palawan

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