Fengjia Night Market, Taichung – Taiwan Day 3 (3)
February 3, 2019 Taiwan

After enjoying the beautiful sunset at Gaomei Wetlands, we continued our journey to Taichung city centre where our accommodation was located. In One City Inn was the only non-leisure farm accommodation that we would have on the trip. As the road to In One City Inn was narrow, the bus dropped us by the main road where a transfer coach came to collect our luggage. While some of us opted to take the coach, the majority of us walked for at least 5 minutes to reach the hotel.

Operating since July 2007, the In One City Inn has 196 rooms with different artsy design.  My room was quite small compared to our previous room. It was fine by me as we would only sleep and take shower for a short time because we would spend most of the time out exploring the most famous night market in Taiwan, which is the Fengjia Night Market.

In One City Inn, Taichung

Address: No. 31, Lane 138, Wenhua Rd, Situn Dis, Taichung Taiwan

FengJia Night Market – The Largest Night Market in Taiwan

Fengjia Night Market was only a short walk from In One City Inn. Mr Anton led our group through a small street and asked us to remember the landmark, which was the Feng Chia University entrance. As we walked further, the street bustled to life with food aroma came from all directions.

But first, Mr Anton bought some yam balls from Uncle Yam for us to try.  It was tasty as it was served hot. Lucky we came just before the yam balls were sold out.

The neon-lit streets remind me of Japan. You can literally find everything you need in this night market from mobile accessories to clothes to food to travel pillow among others.

You can buy branded sports shoes at a cheap price. According to Mr Anton, the price here in Fengjia Night Market is cheaper than anywhere else.

Before the group was separated, we were brought to try the stinky tofu noodle and stinky tofu from a very famous shop in Fengjia. We had to wait by the street as the seats were all taken.

The stinky tofu noodle. You can also order the grilled stinky tofu.

I am not used to eating stinky tofu, so I did not fancy the famous stinky tofu. But it is a must-try if you are in Fengjia Night Market. It is a specialty food of Fengjia and most stalls in Fengjia Night Market offers stinky tofu.

One of the food sold at Fengjia Night Market is the grilled snail.

I tried the frozen banana with chocolate dip and peanut. I give it 3.5/5. 

Sugar-coated fruit.

As a Muslim traveller, sometimes it is hard to find a halal-friendly food in night market such as Fengjia Night Market. My best bet was everything vegetable. While walking around the bustling night market, I noticed a queue building up at the teriyaki mushroom stall. I joined in the queue and waited for the grilled mushroom, which deserved 4/5 rating.

After buying some souvenirs such as face masks and food with halal-certified logo, I headed back to In One City Inn to rest for the day. I actually did not try many things at the night market as most of the signs were in Chinese character. I wish I had a Chinese friend with me on my little outing to the night market. 

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  1. its true, sometimes it is hard to find a halal food in other countries

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