Get Set & Go – Mount Semeru
February 20, 2013 Hiking

Having seen the great movie of 5cm (locally known as five-centi), I am very determined to proceed with our next adventures to the highest peak in Java, that is Mt. Semeru. See the trailer below:-


The costs for this hiking trip is IDR950,000.00 each for the 4D3N trip inclusive of tent, food and guide. Quite cheap as compared to those offered by Malaysian based hiking company. It costs more than mere MYR300.00. Our target for this trip is to celebrate New Year at Mt. Semeru. So here is our story.

 On 29.12.2012, Ardi-our host in Malang, drops us at the meeting point, Bakso Stadiun which is the train terminal for Malang town. At 9.45 a.m., most of the hikers have reached the meeting point way earlier than us. As we place our backpacks with the hikers’ backpacks, we note that theirs are comparatively small than ours. I bring a backpack with 50L load and not to forget a plastic bag of green apples we bought the day before. Must be the style of Indonesian hikers – light hiking!

Bakso Stadiun Malang

Our initial ice-breaking at Bakso Stadiun includes photography session and stories on other great mountains in Indonesia.


At 11a.m., we leave Bakso Stadiun to Tumpang with chartered angkutan or van. At Tumpang, we change our ride to 4-wheel-drive jeep to Ranu Pani village. Here in Tumpang, we have to sort our belongings and leave the unnecessary things at the house of the jeep owners. This is to reduce the load that we will bring to Mt. Semeru. Once we are done, we climbed into the jeep and off we go, to Ranu Pani village.

From Tumpang to Ranu Pani

We stop by the road side to pick up some boys who are heading the same way. On the way to Ranu Pani village, we pass by rows of houses with apple trees planted in the house compounds. No wonder, the jeep driver’s family laughs at me holding a plastic full of apples.

The journey to Ranu Pani is an uphill task through picturesque mountain. While many of the travellers have seen Mt. Bromo via the common route of Probolinggo – Cemoro Lawang, the savannah view from Ngadas side of Bromo is also mind-blowing. The road leading to Ranu Pani as in the case in Cemoro Lawang is very narrow. Big sized vehicles tend to struggle if they chance one another on the road. There are times when we are stuck for quite some time facing the savannah. Just the right place to be stuck at. Really, it is truly amazing.

Tenggerese people


Bromo Savannah from Ngadas


Ah, we bump into a German couple who are walking from Ngadas to Ranu Pani village. We figure it is 1 hour by jeep from where we meet them. They refuse the ride though it’s a long way to Ranu Pani. I wonder if they regret not jumping into the jeep later.

Next : The hike from Ranu Pani to Ranu Kumbolo

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  1. farah can you share the IND hiking company maybe contacts or website. Planning to go there this april..thanks farah..

    • Hi Amey,

      Masa pergi tu join group dari Indonesia. Company yang saya ambil tu namanya DAL Adventure. Cumanya pesanan saya, bawa makanan extra dan dapur kalau perlu sbb cara makan diorang dan di Malaysia tak sama.

      DAL Adventure akan buat hiking group pada 9-12 Mei. Refer:

      Haritu sebab foreigner bayaran yang kami kena bayar dalam 950k.

      Ok, kalau nak info lagi. Just tanya. Saya bantu yang mana termampu.

      • Hi Farah,

        Thankz for the info shared..mmg menarik package link farah kasi bulan 5 bz sikit and xsbr nak plan going dis 12-17th April jus bertiga sahabat..Apa pendapat farah, possible ker kalo pg gamble backpacking je tanpa package dari mana2 company. Fly from here to surabaya ke malang ke semeru. How is the trail, perlu ada guide ker?jus buy permit pastu can go in riet? Ni first time nak adventure kat negara luar. Public transport ke malang dr airport and malang ke semeru often ada ke?sorry byk tnya..did some research dy, jus nak pendapat pengalaman dari farah yg da pg..thankz again farah..sorry byk tnya..hehe..

        • Tak tahu kenapa tak keluar comment ni dekat post comment tu. Actually April ni off-season. Cuaca tak sesuai. Kalau keselamatan yang diutamakan saya nasihatkan dapatkan guide. Memang jalur pendakian dia terang tapi benda-benda seperti altitude mountain sickness dan pergerakan gas beracun yang kita tak dapat nak jangka. Kalau sanggup tanggung risiko, boleh ke Ranu Pani terus ambil jeep dari Tumpang ke Ranu Pani. Public transport memang banyak dari Surabaya ke Semeru. So jangan risau. Train dari Surabaya ke Malang pun ada. Tahap kesukaran memang above normal sbb cuaca dan keadaan pendakian yang tak sama dengan gunung di Malaysia.

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