Halal Food in Hua Hin
January 15, 2014 Hua Hin
Halal Food in Hua Hin

When we first arrived in Hua Hin, we never thought we could find a halal restaurant. Walking from M&A Guesthouse to Hua Hin Railway Station, we bumped into a restaurant with green crescent and star – the famous halal logo. We stopped to eat lunch as my mother did not take her breakfast that morning.

#1 – Restaurant Roti

As the name of the restaurant is in Thai language, let’s just call the restaurant, Restaurant Roti. The restaurant is famous for its roti; Roti Egg, Roti Banana and Roti Mataba Chicken.

Location of the Restaurant Roti:- The landmark is Hua Hin Railway Station. Hua Hin Railway Station will be on your left side and walk further up until 300metre. The restauraunt will be on your right side.

Halal Food Hua Hin

Hua Hin HalalMenu

Hua Hin Halal FoodThe lady who made the roti.

Hua Hin Halal FoodRoti

#2 – Noodle Stall

The noodle stall is only open at night. It is located 100 metres from Hua Hin Railway Station. The railway station will be on your right while the noodle stall is on your left side.

Hua Hin Halal Food

#3 – Pulut Ayam Goreng

The stall is located in the same row as Hua Hin Railway Station. About 400 metres from Hua Hin Railway Station. I quite like the pulut ayam goreng.

Halal Food in Hua Hin

Hua Hin Halal Food

#4 – Bread & Homemade Kaya

We found another halal food in Hua Hin. A perfect place to have supper. Nana Cafe serves fresh juices, bread and homemade pandan kaya. The cafe is operated by Muslim couple. The kaya bread is delicious. I wish I can have the kaya bread now. Sedap!

Nana Coffee Hua Hin

Hua Hin Halal

Finding halal food in Hua Hin is relatively easy. All you need to do is to take a stroll around the vintage city of Hua Hin, then you will be bound to bump into halal food restaurants and stalls in Hua Hin.

Here are some tips for hunting halal food in Hua Hin:-

1. Make research on the internet on the list of halal food restaurants.
2. Always on the look-outs for ladies in hijab. They might be in-the-know where are halal food restaurants.
3. Don’t be shy to ask.
4. Get lost, you will find them by chance.
5. Hua Hin does not have a mosque. Cha Am does. Go to the mosque area to find halal food.

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  1. There’s one more halal joint and I have tried it but in 2012. Available day time maybe between 11 am to 3pm…macam nasi goreng (Pad Kra pow) and noodle type is in the market near (maybe behind) the roti a small food court section away from the vegetable section.
    I looked for it (info courtesy of lynn blogspot of halal thailand) and found it easy.
    Also, the famous daily night market..sure ada khaw moh khai (nasi kuning tu..)

  2. thanks farah for this guidance…i am planning to go to hua hin next month on march 2015 solo travelling..and this help me a lot not to take away any halal food from hatyai to hua hin while boarding on the train….but anyway..hatyai food taste delicious..hopefully it tastes that good in hua hin

  3. hiii thatsofarah! was researching on Hua Hin and stumbled on your blog. Surprise surprise. 😀 would you recommend Hua Hin for a couple with a baby tak?

    Thanks Farah!

  4. Hello Farah, just want to check with you on how did u get to hua hin? I will be coming from bangkok and staying over at hua hin for a few days

  5. Hi Thatsofarah,

    Thank You. Very informative indeed. Would you know how to go to Hua Hin from Maeklong Train Market?
    Thank You

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