I’m Back!
March 18, 2014 Scribbled

Dear Readers,

I am sorry for the sudden disapperance from any travel updates. If you have not known, I was in Turkey for the past two weeks exploring the country which is the crossroads of the world. How was my trip, you may want to ask. It was mind-blowing experience with loads of history to digest.

Before I begin with my Turkey travelogue, I have few posts that I’d like to share. For example, Perlis, Medan and Gunung Chabang before my memories of those places fading out of excitement for Turkey.

Till then, people. I will be diligent in updating this space of mine.

Keep on travelling, the world is big.


Don’t forget to pray for our #MH370.



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  1. TURKEY! TURKEY! TURKEY! hehehehe

  2. Cannot wait for your Turkey updates!

  3. Hi, I love your photos . what type of camera did you used ???

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