Kayaking through Backwaters with Kalypso Adventures
April 9, 2016 Kerala

There are myriads of activities one can engage along the backwaters. What I find most interesting is the kayaking through backwaters with Kalypso Adventures. Our group is divided into three groups; I am part of Group 1, which would experience the kayaking first. Then, cooking demonstration and temple festival.

Gearing up for kayaking through backwaters with Kalypso Adventures…

Kayaking through backwaters with kalypso adventures

Kalypso Adventures Kochi


I pair up with Sarah of Fit Travels for the tandem kayaking because I doubt I’d be able to paddle on my own given my weak arms.


Kayaking through backwaters with Kalypso Adventures

I let Sarah maneuvers the kayak as I take up the front seat. We start our adventure by passing a small passage that connects to the large canal where we gather together before trying to compete against one another. Once in a while, we have to give way to the large Kettuvalam boat. Within minutes, one kayak after another swerves past our kayak, it is a clear signal that kayaking is not our strength.


We follow the lead into a narrower canal, the length of which is only 50 meters from one end to another. The canal is full with water hyacinths. There is only one clear route to pass the water hyacinths easily. Given our lack of kayaking skills, we end up in the middle of water hyacinths. The off beaten path of the narrow canal, much to the worry of the observing locals. I paddle quite a few of plucked water hyacinths up to Sarah’s face on top of swallowing the canal water myself.

Kayaking through backwaters of Kerala
To be honest, I am very jealous of the group ahead of us posing for group pictures. After getting stuck in the middle of hyacinths, the marshal rescues us. Sarah explains to the marshal that the control pedal is not working the way we think it should work. Then, we start paddling manually; left-right-back-front.


It takes us sheer determination to finally keep up with the group.


Andreija is such a natural kayaker. This is the most beautiful part of the backwaters. The sky is blue and the setting is just lovely.


As we paddle along the backwaters, the village comes to life as kids play by the river, mothers wash clothes and teenagers walk back from school. It is such a lovely adventure to embark on while you are exploring the backwaters.

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  1. Is it easy to kayak through all that vegetation? This looks like so much fun. Were the waters also relatively calm?

    • For an amateur like me, it was difficult to manouvre in the vegetation. We got stuck for few times. It was fun nevertheless. The water is relatively calm if there’s no boat around.

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