Koh Adang – Day 2
March 17, 2012 Thailand

Continuation from Koh Adang – Day 1

We skipped sunrise throughout this trip. Our sole purpose was to give comfort to ourselves; screw sunrises and sunsets. We chose to sleep in our little camp and only body clock would wake us up. Jaja woke up earlier than me. She zipped down the tent door and the sunlight graced my face enough to wake me up. The sound of the waves bashing the shoreline filled the background. What a pleasant way to wake up! So there we were, camping under a canopy of trees.

We met Wolfram and Millie while having our breakfast at the restaurant. Wolfram spoke with enthusiasm about Mengkudu and its use. We also learned from the couple that it is possible to subscribe to a broadband for one month unlimited usage in Thailand for Baht1200.

Going to Koh Adang means cutting all modes of communication throughout the stay in the island. Surprisingly, the broadband worked fine in Koh Adang. Charging the gadgets was a considered privilege as electricity was only available for few hours at night. On top of it all, I felt compelled to make satellite report to a friend (of interest) who would be leaving for UK the same day.

And yes, I would only be able to do that in the neighbouring island which is Koh Li Pe. Although we decided to stay one more night at Koh Li Pe, we still had to go to Koh Li Pe for the internet. The first ordeal of the day was to inform the ranger in charge that we will extend our stay in Koh Adang. The office was empty and a local woman who was conversant in Malay volunteered to inform the ranger on our behalf. When I deliberately asked about her origin, she politely replied in inevitably harsh northern slang, “Tok Nenek kami asai Langkawi.”Loosely translated into English as my forefathers originated from Langkawi. She was truly a character that should be featured in Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa for the authentic old slang.

As we were staying at a very big island with little population, long tail boat to Koh Li Pe was hard to get by. It was only when a boat came sending travellers to Koh Adang that we had the chance to go to Koh Li Pe. Sometimes it could take hours waiting for just a boat. All we could do was sitting by the beach and wait. When a boat neared the other end of the beach, we waved frantically as though we were the only survivors from a shipwreck tragedy.

We were serenaded by the beach sound and pampered with the beautifulness of the sea. The beach was quiet and almost no sign of human existence by the beach.  While we took shelter under a tree, I lie down face facing the azure blue sky. If you wish to unwind and let weight off your feet, Koh Adang is the place. Island retreat is really a remedy to the troubled mind.

As we reached Koh Li Pe, we first went to the cyber cafe to check on emails and BIS texts. And the next was a food hunt. We did try what’s Koh Li Pe is famous for, the Thai’s Nuttella Pancake which is sold at Baht 50. A crispy pancake with nuttella spread, a little so heavenly in a paradise island. Before we hit the beach again, Jaja went to wash her hair while I went for the traditional thai massage.

Getting lost at the Castaway!! Beautiful resort at Koh Li Pe.

After I bought my mango stick rice to bring back to Koh Adang, we went back to our “little paradise”. No one was at the beach although some hammocks were seen swinging heavily near the campsite.  At the beach, we were lying on beach as the tides swept in. Once in awhile we needed to re-position our bodies after slipping into the sea. I read and basked under the sun. Life is great, isn’t it? Once awhile, Jaja and I had broken into a deep conversation about life and future. A beautiful beach, a good friend and laughter – tell me if life is not great!

As we had our lie-down session at the beach, we played a game which required us to lie at the same level and the person who reclined first was deemed to be the loser. But the one who remained static was the heavier of the two. (A beautiful beach, a good friend, laughter and silly game?)

Sometimes we were to consume with our own feeling that we did not speak a work to one another. A black eagle which made a somersault turn above us definitely caught our eyes and got us more excited with our surrounding. We were by the beach until the sun set down for I wanted to see the sunset. Well well, sunset could get you frustrated when it was a cloudy and gloomy day. So was the case that evening.

That night, we were popularity sanguine for we attracted a crowd for dinner. We had 6 other travellers who joined us for dinner. Here we met three Malaysians who happened to be on vacation at Koh Adang. A very interesting Malaysian man who speaks German and travelled to the extreme at an early age of 16, one of them was.

It was indeed a great day for me. I don’t have to really indulge myself with the standard beach activities like snorkelling and diving in pursuit of such happiness. Just a simple do’s like lying down at the beach and reading and enjoying the surrounding is enough for me to make the best out of it.

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