Little Mermaid Dive Resort, Malapascua
June 14, 2015 Philippines

Little Mermaid Dive Resort is one of the two resorts that we stayed throughout our dive trip to Malapascua Island, Cebu, Philippines. The other one was Kokay’s Maldito Dive Resort & Thresher Shark Diving.

TIPS: One thing you need to know about place to stay is the resorts are fully booked months in advance. Our first choice was Ocean Vida Resorts because it suited our budget and the vibe as portrayed online was the beach vibe you would wish for during a beach vacation. We were not lucky with Ocean Vida as their rooms were fully booked.

For two workaholic ladies on diving trip, we wanted few days’ splurge on accommodation and the next best thing after Ocean Vida was Kokay’s Maldito Dive Resort. But we needed to find a place to stay on our arrival day as we arrived a day earlier from our check-in date at Kokay’s Maldito Dive Resort. That was how we came across Little Mermaid Dive Resort, Malapascua. A decent budget resort with its own dive centre.

I loved how nice Little Mermaid Dive Resort room looked.  I thought the mosquito net was cute. No-door toilet alert! Our room was the closest to the dive resort logistic room, but we didn’t feel annoyed at all during our stay.

Little Mermaid Dive Resort, Malapascua Island

Little Mermaid Dive Resort

We paid PHP153 /RM76.50 for the room.

Malaspascua Island

There was a bar cum reception in Little Mermaid Dive Resort. It was here that we met a Sabah-born lady dive master, Santi, who made us feel like home. She offered to take us to see thresher sharks subject to availability because they were currently having full schedule for dive trips. She promised to try to slot us in no matter what. We managed to be slotted in for thresher sharks diving on our last day at Malapascua Island. But we had to find another dive centre for our leisure dive around Malapascua Island. Fair.

She introduced us to garlic pita bread which served as my routine diet throughout my stay in Malapascua Island, where halal food was unheard of.

Garlic Pita Bread

We were invited for a party at nearby bar, which we politely turned down. I desperately needed to lie down on bed. What a boring traveller, but who cares.

Our one night stay at Little Mermaid Dive Resort was a pleasant. If I were to go to Malapascua again, I will definitely stay at Little Mermaid Dive Resort and dive with them! Did I tell you they have the cheapest dive rates in Malapascua?

To book a stay with Little Mermaid Dive Resort, you can book via email,, or agoda!

Little Mermaid Dive Resort
Tel Number: +63 9177932720
Website :

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