Luxury Stay at The Zuri Kumarakom Resort & Spa
May 20, 2016 Hotel/Hostel Reviews

After spending half the day at Kumarakom Backwaters in Kottayam, I was sent to the Zuri Kumarakom Kerala Resort & Spa which lies across 205 square kilometers on the banks of India’s longest lake, the Vembanad Lake. While waiting at the reception to sort for our rooms, the Zuri Kumarakom Kerala Resort & Spa gave an impression of a very big estate. A huge lake, buggy vehicle etc.

Once I had identified my bag from the piles of luggage, my bag was sent by a buggy to the room I was sharing with Claire. We had plenty of time, so Claire and I walked to our room, which turned out to be the farthest from everyone else. We even needed to cross the bridge to get to our room! But for the sun heat, the walk to our room was lovely.

This way to our roomThis way to our room.

Once we reached our lake view room, our hearts were absolutely taken. A comfy king bed with colorful elephant-pattern pillows welcomed us. The mattress was sprinkled with bits of rose petal. At the corner of the room near the balcony, seated a one-seater sofa and a coffee table.

Room at the Zuri Kumarakom



Claire called out with her thick English accent, “Oh my God, you’ve got to see the bathroom!!!”The bathroom was half the size of the room with a bathtub against a glass door and an outdoor shower, which had Claire in a frenzy.


After lunch, Claire wanted to have a dip in the swimming pool and I opted for the Ayurvedic massage at the Maya Spa.

Ayurvedic Massage at Maya Spa, the Zuri Kumarakom


Ayurveda or ayurvedic massage originates from India. It is a 5000 years old medicinal massage that uses hot oil.

First, I was brought to visit the many ayurvedic rooms Maya Spa has.

Maya Spa Kumarakom


DSC_8962The couple spa room! Fancy.


Later, I was brought to see a doctor for consultation on the type of Ayurvedic massage that suited my body. The doctor asked what kind of ailments I always get and the extent of work and load I always carry etc. My menstrual period was also noted.

After the consultation, I was ushered to a room where my belongings were kept in the locker. Thin clothes were given to me to change because everything will get oily (and smelly). The lady was very focused in putting pressures onto my oily body. In short intervals, she broke the silence by asking if the pressure was enough. At the beginning, I kept on pestering her to at least take a picture of me. She refused my request for her hand was oily.

The Ayurvedic massage began from the head down to the shoulder and the body. It was such that you would feel light and refreshed. After the massage, I took a shower that was not that successful in removing the oil from my skin nor the smell from my body. The smell stuck to my clothes until the next laundry day. Ayurvedic massage made me feel sleepy after the session. That was before I was hit by panic button as the others had left for a temple festival.

But first, a sunset.


My stay at the Zuri Kumarakom Resort & Spa was part of the Kerala Blog Express 2016. 

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