Inspection at Meihua Lake Leisure Farm – Day 2
December 8, 2018 Taiwan

After our first leisure farm stay at Taocheng Leisure Farm, we stopped by Meihua Lake Leisure Farm for room and farm inspection. At the halal dining area, we were briefed by the owner of Meihua Lake Leisure Farm who indicated that the farm stay had just obtained their halal certification and in the midst of implementation the halal requirements. The farm occupies 5 hectares of an area near Meihua Lake Scenic Area. The farm features themes of nature and the environment where the activities that can be undertaken are nature-related. At the special dining area for Muslim guests, we were welcomed with serving of tea made of leaves plucked from the garden.

Everything planted in the garden is organic vegetables. For the life of me, I do not know to differentiate the herbs and normal plants without any herbal value. This calls for more trips to leisure farms!

One striking memory of Meihua Lake Leisure Farm was riped fruits were left on the ground uncollected intentionally by the owner so as to attract the butterflies and bees. What an amazing step taken to boost the presence of butterflies in one’s garden.

Meihua Lake Leisure Farm has plenty of accommodations to choose from to suit your taste. It also has a camping area for budget travellers.

One of the rooms at Meihua Lake Leisure Farm was spacious.

Albeit looking a little rustic and shabby, there were many Instagram worthy areas within Meihua Lake Leisure Farm. All you need to do is to take a stroll to find the Instagram spots.

Last but not least, I tried one of the challenges available in the leisure farm. Boy, it was not as easy as it looks. 

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