My Kedah: A Tour to Pekan Rabu, Alor Setar
September 18, 2012 Kedah

As always been the case for many, attending wedding outsideKlangValleyoffers opportunity to visit and explore new places. A colleague of mine got married in Jitra last Sunday. The intended wish was for me to be able to visit some of the interesting places in Perak. When all plans proved futile, I resorted to interesting places in Alor Setar- one of the many places is Pekan Rabu.

Although I was sent to a boarding school some kilometers away from Alor Setar, the capital of Kedah, to be honest, I have not explored the capital city to its fullest. For my non-Malaysian reader, Alor Setar is not within the common backpacking trail, albeit it being reachable by Kuala Kedah, one of the jetty points toLangkawiIsland. This old and laid back capital might interest you with its unique buildings scattered around the city.

First and foremost, allow me to introduce you to Pekan Rabu of Alor Setar – a shopping heaven for the locals.

Pekan Rabu is translated as “Wednesday Market”. The idea of having Pekan Rabu was the blue print of royal member of Kedah, YTM Tunku Yaacob who established Pekan Rabu as a place for the farmers and villagers to sell and market their products. Back then, the market only took place once a week, i.e. on Wednesday. Why Wednesday, you may wonder! It was the birth day of YTM Tunku Yaacob.

The first location of Pekan Rabu was in Tanjung Chali, located at the intersection between Jalan PekanChinaand Jalan Pengkalan Kapal, Alor Setar. It was actually the harbour for dock ships, small boats and tongkang to load commercial products from inside and outside Kedah. The building which housed Pekan Rabu was a long open building with nipah hut, pillared by hard wood. It was only in 1932, Pekan Rabu was relocated at its current venue.

And the plan was to have good breakfast at Pekan Rabu and cover Pekan Rabu as my next post and shop! Food wise, did not meet my high standard ISO on food. Bihun sup kedah was so-so but my boyfriend loved the fried kuey teow.

Here are some of the ideas for souvenir to bring home:-

Gamat Oil – made of the golden sea cucumber

Islamic books.

Telekung, kain batik, kain pelekat, anak tudung, jubah

Home Decoration – Frame with Islamic verses

Traditional Cooking wares

Wall Clock



Traditional snacks

Snacks stall


Local perfumes


*This post is part of My Kedah series, a contribution to promote tourism in Kedah, being the place I have spent my earlier years in. Do visit Kedah, Negeri Jelapang Padi!

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  1. This post would really appeal to visitors outside of Kedah. I think I’ve been here once. =)

  2. I seriusly tot Pekan Rabu is like pasar malam/tani je! Emmm, definitely will visit this place next time I’m in kedah…(emm bila la ye)

    And the snack looks tempting too ;-D

  3. if we visit AS, Pekan rabu is a must. Mom will buy the kuih and then we would just walk around. and its CLEAN!!!

  4. Never been to Pekan Rabu before. But friends from northern area will definitely bought me local traditional snacks and not to forget Ikan Pekasam from here! Should go one of these days as well.

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  7. Askm, nak tanya , pekan Rabu sekrg ni terletak di jalan apa? Apakah budget hotel yang paling hampir ? Tm ksh .

    • Wsalam. Pekan Rabu baru saja dipindahkan ke Ukir Mall sebab kerja-kerja penaikan taraf. Dekat Alor Setar tak pasti sangat budget-budget hotel. Selalu saya bermalam di Seri Malaysia sahaja.

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