My Kedah: Beris Grape Vineyard
December 16, 2012 Kedah

What? A grape vineyard in Kedah? This is no Bordeaux of France nor Swan Valley of Australia. This is a hot and humid country for all year. Plus Sik consists of barren land rather than highland like Cameron Highlands. Yet, Beris Grape Vineyard is real.

Where is Beris Grape Vineyard?

The 4 acres vineyard is located in Sik, 40 minutes away from the second largest city in Kedah, Sungai Petani.

Agrotech makes it possible for grapes to be planted in a dry area. Beris Grape Vineyard is one example. Now you don’t have to go to Cameron Highlands to visit a grape vineyard. There are three types of grapes being grown in Beris Grape Vineyard that are black grape, white malaga and losu plite.

The sales gallery sells fresh grapes, juice, jam and cordial and event the transplant grape plants for avid grapes growers. There is also Beris Grapes Cafe for you to purchase some drinks.

Being to a grape vineyard excites me especially when I am in company of atleast 10 ex-schoolmates. We have to pay RM4.00 each as the entrance fee to get into the vineyard. The grapes are dangling just above our heads much to our amusement. In between the grape supports, there are signs indicating no plucking policy practised in the grape vineyard. Grapes need 12 months to ripe, so inexperienced pluckers might risk plucking the young grapes which are certainly will go to a waste basket.

Plucking Grapes at Beris Grape Vineyard

This does not mean you cannot pick and pluck your own grapes. There will be a special area for self picking grapes activity with supervision of the staff. The price of grape depends on the types and quantity to be purchased. You must buy the grapes that have been plucked.

Once you are done, you can stroll down the Beris Lake nearby the grape vineyard. I love the concept of seating near the bench talking about life, of course at this age, the most concerned questions are those of marriage. Looking back at those pictures I have taken during this trip, it dawns on me that most of my friends, if not all, have been married in recent years.


Lot 264, Kampung Ternas, Ternas,
Sik 08200, Kedah Darul Aman.
T: + 6 04 – 462 0466
F: + 6 04 – 462 0611

For Beris Lake Vineyard Tour enquiries, please contact:
Ms Hafiza Hamzah (Lynda)
M: + 6 012 – 488 7160 / 019 – 407 6511

My research on the internet reveals that in recent years, Malaysians have been actively growing grapes in Malaysia, I read one on Saloma Vineyard in Sitiawan and few others in Kuantan, Kemaman and Penang. Have you been to any of the grape vineyard in Malaysia?

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