Our Stay at Kookay’s Maldito Dive Resort
June 20, 2015 Malapascua

We checked in at Kookay’s Maldito Dive Resort slightly before noon. We paid PHP308.68 (RM154) for one room per night. We were welcomed with mango juice drinks and were ushered into our room. Kookay’s Maldito Dive Resort is very distinguished from other resorts because of its yellow-coloured building along the Bounty Beach. At the outside, there were brown heart shape rattan sun beds lining the entrance overlooking the beach. A perfect lazy around spot for beach bummers!

Kokays Maldito Dive Resort

Kookay’s Maldito Dive Resort

Our room was on the first floor at the left wing. Since the resorts was a U-shape, our room view includes the beach view and the restaurant view.

Kookay’s Maldito Dive Resort is not just yellow on the outside, we found our room harmonized in a yellow theme.

Kokays Maldito Dive Resort Room

Kookays MalditoResort

Kookays Maldito Dive Resort Room

Kookays Maldito Dive ResortA see through bathroom. 😉

Kookays Our balcony.

Kookays Maldito MalapascuaThe view from our balcony.

DSC_0916Imagine yourself lying on one of those rattan sun bed soaking the warm of the tropical sun. I could spend the entire week at this place, really! Unlike the other side of Bounty Beach where Ocean Vida lies, the area in front of Kookay’s Maldito Dive Resort is in the middle of everything but it remains quiet.

Kookays Maldito Dive ResortThat’s my friend, Yam, whom I met at Start in Tioman 2012.

Wood fired pizzaOn our last night, we stayed at the bar enjoying the live band. So we ordered wood fired seafood pizza. I was good. Many guests from nearby resorts come to Kookays Maldito Dive Resort for the food and night entertainment.

Will I come again to Kookay’s Maldito Dive Resort?

Indeed, I love the vibes. They even gave us a beautiful shell necklace each as tokens of appreciation before we checked-out. The only thing I wouldn’t do at Kookay’s Maldito Dive Resort again is to use the services of the in-house dive centre, known as Dive Society. We paid huge price for below satisfaction dive experiences.

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