Perlis Day Trip
March 19, 2014 Perlis

My priority for Perlis Day Trip was to visit Chuping and Timah Tasoh Lake. Before dwelling on about the day tour, I had the trip arranged by my ex-schoolmate, Syidah who works in UUM.

On the journey to Chuping and my impression on Chuping, refer :- Chuping.

We drove towards Kangar and came across beautiful landscape of rubber trees. Of course, we stopped and took pictures of the rows of rubber trees. From the dialect of the rubber tapper who was tapping the tree, it was clear that he speaks Malay with heavy Siamese accent. He asked if I work for magazine or newspaper, I told him the pictures would go into my personal collection. He nodded and did not object of our act of trespassing to photograph. What makes the rubber trees plantation a photogenic landscape subject was the white gunny sacks which were placed under the trees.



Nasi Ganja Perlis

Visiting Perlis is not complete without tasting its famous Nasi Ganja. Nasi Ganja in Perlis is not similar to Ipoh’s famous Nasi Ganja Vangey. Nasi Ganja of Perlis is a plate of yellow rice eaten with chicken curry or beef curry. For the love of food, it is not unusual to see Malaysians ordering their Nasi Ganja with further order of “kuah campur” which means mixed gravy. The stall owner would then scoop the kuah of each dishes available into the plate of Nasi Ganja. Some people called Nasi Ganja as Nasi Kuning. Either way, this is an addictive food. Sekali makan, nak lagi.

The one that we had on our tour day was at the food court near the market. When we arrived at the food court, we were clueless for every shop sells practically the same food, that is, Nasi Ganja. Food hunting rule 1 – Always go to the stall where many locals queue up for the food. And our hunt marks Sheikh Caterer – Nasi Kandar (Stall No. 24)

Here’s the famous Nasi Ganja or Nasi Kuning.

Nasi Kuning Perlis

Rows of local dishes.

Sheikh Caterer Nasi Kuning

I ordered Nasi Ganja kuah campur kari ikan and salted egg. It was really good but it made me sleepy within few hours.

Nasi Kuning

Tasik Melati

The advantage of a road trip is discovering places you never know exist. With the guidance of the notice board, we found Tasik Melati after driving through villages. Located some 10km from Kangar, Tasik Melati is a recreational park. Originally it was a lake or abandoned swamp full of wild plants known as kercit. There are many small islands surrounding the lake.

Tasik Melati

Despite the scenic view of the lake, it was not well-maintained by the authorities.

Some parts of the lake were full with lotuses.

Tasik Melati

On this trip, I also visited Gua Kelam, Timah Tasoh Lake and Wang Kelian Border which will be covered in another post.

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  1. The nasi sure looked very delicious…yum..yum.. perhaps i can try it if i go to Perlis…

  2. Memang recommended lah try nasi ganja yg sedap ni.

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