Road to Rinjani – Apa Kata Mereka [Part 2]
May 27, 2012 Hiking


Trip rinjani ini, pada dasarnya, aku pergi untuk menyokong Farah, bagi dorongan moral dan apa-apa lagi bentuk dorongan yang boleh. Sebab bagi aku Farah ni salah seorang penyumbang inspirasi aku untuk buat trans java masa career break tahun lepas.

Jadinya bila Farah approach aku dengan Rinjani, spontan sahaja aku setuju. Sebab aku masih overwhelmed dan startruck dengan keindahan Bromo. At that time, little did I know that Bromo and Rinjani were on a different league altogether. Farah juga pada masa itu telah berjaya mengumpulkan suatu potential team untuk misi rinjani: sekumpulan orang yang aku tak pernah kenal pun baik di dunia realiti mahupun maya. A complete stranger.

So the 1st meeting was held right next to hangout spot for outdoor lovers somewhere in Shah Alam. I came right from office with my baju kurung, and felt out of place. But I managed to give assurance to myself and focus on my aim which is to give support to Farah’s mission.

Few months after the 1st meeting, one unlikely event happened to the team whom I occasionally hike with. At that time, I was 100% sure that I will gantung my beg for the rest of my life. I convinced myself that all these while, I don’t love hiking and what I do is supporting my team doing what they love. I promise myself that I won’t go hiking anymore. I suspect, the day I pronounce that, my mom was the most delightful living person on the planet earth.

But I am a man of my words. I have given my promise to join Rinjani. So I went there. Without expectation, without thorough research, without proper training and most importantly with an excess of 20 kg of fat and lack of stamina, I believe.

I walked my 1st few steps into the never ending savannah, holding tears at the back of my eyes, with Ming’s voice singing Armageddon’s Leaving on Jetplane. So much for being dramatic. Hahaha.

(I am stuck at this exact paragraph for few days, and I don’t wish to procrastinate any further. So from now on, the plot should move a little bit faster)

I am a novice hiker. There is so many first time in this Rinjani trip. This is my 1st time trekking at night. This is my 1st time carrying a lot of drinking water and food supplies, by myself. This is the longest hiking trip I had ever joined by far. This is the 1st time I saw my teammates carrying the real backpack, all by themselves while trekking uphill: and for that I have a lot of respect for them. This is the 1st time I saw people trekking more than 12 hours and still can laugh at each other at every pit stop. And sadly this is the very 1st time I made my comrade upset with the lack of effort I put in our journey to the peak: and for that I am truly sorry.

Knowing and seeing the determination of my fellow teammates to make it to the peak, I come back from Rinjani with a promise to start hiking again.

I don’t know why, but somewhere along the line, I feel I don’t try hard enough. There is no regret, I know. Only the lesson learnt.

I am happy I can see the peak right before my eyes even though I didn’t make it to the top. I don’t want to sound in denial when I said my aim all along is the crater, but that would fairly be the truth. I am satisfied, but I know I can do better.


Mt Rinjani.

I am sooooooo thrilled at first when my friends came up with the idea to hike Mt. Rinjani at Lombok. Without a doubt i’ll say yes definately i’ll join. It’s a bitter sweet or may I say, bitter sweattttt memory. Homework & research a little bit about the Mount, and it is very mesmerizing yet I do feel doubt about myself weather I can reach the peak or not, knowing my physical ability! and I did not reach the peak, there is only 2+ hour of hiking, I am scaredddd with its brutall trail, plus with the heavyyy fog and also not fit enough hehe. ;P I am sooo proud to all my friends who have made it! Thus, I trust in Miley Cyrus line “Ain’t about how fast I get there, ain’t about how what’s waiting on the other side, it’s the climb” hahaha. And jackpot, “the climb” have had teach me million things I can get anywhere! I still remember first time i saw Rinjani, in front of my eyes not in the picture, its in the morning, I was immobilized. It’s so greennn sooooo hugeee and it’s freshhhh me up after a 5 longgg hour of seasick ferry ride from Padangbai to Lombok Here, Starting from Sembalun village upt to the campsite, and to the peak. Until today, I still can remember each trail that I pass by, the volcanic & the green, how come I will forget? Nothing beats it. To sum it up, I get to mingle along with each single person, from my team and from the support group. Should I recall, Pak DD have helped me a lot when I am in need, I really thank him. Also, to thank the rest of the team starting with our organizer or “gogo” Miss Farah Nadia, i had to thank her for choosing the “Kambing Guling” for dinner after the hike of Mt. Rinjani, I do love you for that. Next, is Miss Liza & Intan, my hikikng buddy, my toilet time buddy, my sleeping buddy :’) to Miss Cha & Miss Jia, Miss Migha, Syafik, Pitt, Lapore and Ming, our guide. I do miss you all and can’t wait to hike together again ! I will surely come again to try the Senaru Anak Lake route after this.  p/s : dont forget your sunblock or u will end up looking at the mirror & scare your own self. ;P


Rinjani oh Rinjani

Nama mu sentiasa ku sebut

Berbulan bulan berhari hari ku nanti

Bilakah akan sampai waktunya

Untuk aku menemui mu?


Tiba harinya…

Pehh..panas membahang..membakar kulitku..

Selangkah demi selangkah aku teruskan…

Hatiku tersenyum

Keindahan dataran mu membuat aku lupa seketika dengan dunia nyata

Terbang segala gundah di jiwa selama ini

Perlahan aku berbisik…pergilah sedih..pergilah pedih..bebaskan aku..

Masa berlalu..

Jauh lagi ke?guer sudah capek..



Masih terasa lagi perit yang kulalui

Seawal jam 2 pagi di kala dingin erat memelukku..

Bangkit aku lemah longlai…tapi aku pasrah..aku tidak akan menyerah

Semangat ku ke puncak mu tidak pernah luntur

Walaupon aku diuji dan terus diuji

Aku tidak gentar..

Akan ganas hutan mu…akan perit pasir perai mu

Tidak..aku tidak akan mengalah!!


Disebalik awan, mentari mula memancarkan sinar paginya

Ya Allah..Subhanallah..

Indahnya permandangan tidak dapat diungkap dengan kata-kata

Terasa kerdil diri ini..betapa tenang terasa dihati

Disini aku mencari diri..

Menguatkan peribadi…

Mengejar cita dan cinta

Datangku dengan damai..

Bersama sahabat-sahabat yang tidak mungkin akan hilang dari hatiku…selamanya



Puncak mu ku tawan jua..

Mengukir sejarah sendiri dalam hidupku

Ku tinggalkan segalanya disini..

Ku mulakan segalanya disini..


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