Santuari Kelah Sungai Petang
October 11, 2014 Terengganu

Santuari Kelah Sungai Petang is located in Petang River, approximately 45 minutes from the Tasik Kenyir jetty. It is open for visitors from March to October every year. While soaking under the sun, one could enjoy the mirror reflection panoramic views of once mountains and hills which were submerged in water to become little islets after the construction of Jenagor Dam.

Tasik Kenyir

From the jetty, we were transferred to another jetty from where we had to walk for about 30-40 minutes to the Santuari Kelah Sungai Petang. Although it was a long walk, I suggest do not think much of the journey, just enjoy the view as you walk. Towards the end of the walking platform, we had to get on board a floating pontoon which would ferry us across the river.

Tasik Kenyir

Santuari Kelah Sungai Petang

Interestingly, Sungai Petang river has 91 streams flowing into it, mainly from Mount Padang. Gazetted for the protection, preservation and reproduction of the Kelah fish (Tor Tambroids), fishing activities are prohibited at the sanctuary.

Santuari Kelah Sungai Petang, Tasik Kenyir

We saw a lot of butterflies on the ground too!

Tasik Kenyir

Most of us were quite adamant not to get wet at first, but who in his right mind could bear the temption of swimming in the river under hot scorching sun right? In Santuari Kelah Sungai Petang, you could swim or catch by hand and have your feet nibbled on by the many species of Kelah.

Sungai Petang, Kenyir

If you are talking about fish spa where fishes eat your dead skin cell, it is happening here at Santuari Kelah Sungai Petang.  At first, I shrieked and screamed whenever the Kelah fishes tickled my feet but then after awhile I got used to it.

Some of us tried to catch the fishes with bare hands but they were too slippery that they slipped off our hands. Then we tried to catch them using our shirts.

I could say it was one of the best river outings I have had thus far. Athough we had fun catching the fishes, we did not in any way harm the fishes.

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