Scuba Junkie Dive Lodge Semporna – The review
January 25, 2015 Hotel/Hostel Reviews

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 Scuba Junkie Dive Lodge Semporna – The review  

Coming back from our Boheydulang, Mantabuan and Tatagan Island day trip, we were disappointed with our room at Scuba Junkie Dive Lodge. We booked standard room with air-conditioned for 3 days thinking that Scuba Junkie was quite a name to scuba fans going to Semporna and Mabul. I was caught surprised when the air-conditioner for our room did not function and the water from the shower came out dripping. After a day on the beach and body covered with sea salt, a fresh shower is pertinent.

Room condition | Both the original room and the new room given to us only had beds, tables, curtains and desk with shared (outside) bathroom. For a standard room of RM70 (for diver) and RM90 (non-diver), you would expect a television, clean towel, attached bathroom and a non-stop flow of water from the shower.

Location | The hostels and hotels in Semporna are centralized near the pier to Mabul Island. Scuba Junkie’s location is in front of the Scuba Junkie dive centre. Many eateries and restaurants, walking distance to the wet market, seafood restaurants and pier. There was a bar under neath our room. During the weekend, you would wish you stay elsewhere.

When we alerted the staff, they told us the air-conditioner had already been turned on. After negotiating with the staff, I dawned on me that the staff had prior knowledge that the air-conditioner was not working; even if it worked, the coldest temperature was the room temperature. They transferred us to a room near the toilet, where the air-conditioner worked slightly better than the previous room.

As for the shower, I was told by the staff that either the water was running out from the tap or someone shut the water meter down. I was then asked to use the three bathroom on the level ground. The first level’s bathroom was one that I could not bear using even when I am used to hard core travelling style.

Will we come again to Scube Junkie Dive Lodge ? |  NO. It’s not worth the money as nearby hotels and hostels offer better room with facilities with an addition of RM10-RM20 on top of what we paid to stay at Scuba Junkie Dive Lodge.

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