Siete Pecados + Barracuda Lake + Dimanglet
November 21, 2012 Coron

Do you know it is costly to go for a beach vacation rather than city tour especially so when you are at the starting point to 1000 plus islands? Even if given 7 days to tour the islands, I do not think I would be able to finish all. Low in budget, we had to decide on which tours we wanted to do. Malcapuya and Banana Island tour and Calauit Safari Tour were out of budget. Leaving us with B-2 Tour which covers Barracuda lake, Siete Pecados, Lajala Cultural Village, Dimanglet Beach and Coron Coral Triangle.

As we had become familiar with the town, we had our breakfast at Adik’s mango juice shop and then went to Coron Galeri for our B-2 tour. Here we met Jana and Wil who signed up for the same tour and then we were brought to the jetty from which we set off. First of all, we picked Marc and Jan at Dive Link Coron, an island away from Coron town. The tour started off at 9a.m.

First, we went to Siete Pecados, a cluster of 7 islets. It means “seven sins”. The legend has it that there were seven sisters who went swimming against their mother’s wishes. They all drowned and afterwards, seven small islands rose from the sea. The water visibility is so clear that you could even see the coral bottom of the sea. Like other snorkelling points of Coron, Siete Pecados has amazing marine life waiting for you. We were lucky as Marc and Jan brought biscuits and bread to feed the hungry fishes. What we did was we remained in close proximity to Marc and Jan, thus we were surrounded by various types of fishes.

Then, it’s another famous lake of Coron – Barracuda Lake. Barracuda lake is karst sink-hole separated from open ocean by a wall of jagged karst. Lucky our boat was small enough to pass through the narrow canal heading to the trail-head of Barracuda Lake. The karst protruding up the skies made it looks like the pinnacles I had seen in Mulu during my previous trip. Seeing Barracuda Lake for the first time shared the same sensation when my eyes first sighted Kayangan Lake. It was remarkable. Sparkling emerald flat water in a karst setting gave a sense of time travel to the ancient world where nature remains untouched. The water was clear to extent that when you stand on the wooden platform you could still enjoy the underwater karst formation, of course with slight distortion.

Barracuda Lake is made of three layers. The bottom is sea water. The middle layer is geothermal heated brackish water which maintains a constant temperature of 39 C. The top layer is fresh water. If you jump straight into the water, you will sink down under. So make sure you wear your life jacket.

Apart from swimming around the cove, diving is one recommended activity. I would not do justice to describe a diving adventure in Barracuda Lake, but you may enjoy Lonely Planet’s Contemporary Nomad narration on Diving Adventure in Barracuda Lake – the sensory diving experience.

Our next stop is Dimanglet Island. Dimanglet island derives its name from the word “manglut” which means giant clams according to Coyunin, Tagbanuas, Mangyans local dialects. It was believed that the island was surrounded by giant claims long time ago. The island is home to a mangrove forests. Unlike CYC Beach, this island is secluded. We were the only group in the island. We enjoyed a silent lunch with the company of each other. Then we took a stroll to the wooden jetty near the mangroves.

The island is welcoming and colour. I also love the concept the owner seeks to portray. Colour flags were seen at the shore in order to attract more visitors. There are also huts and resting area meant for lunch and enjoyment of the view.

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  1. hi!
    im glad you enjoyed Coron! i love that place too!

  2. Clear gila air dia huhuhuhu..memang cantik to the max la nih

  3. omg! cun okeh! mesti kena pegi nih! haih…

  4. Hi Farah!
    Nak pegi last minute to Coron end of this month! Would really appreciate your input.

    -Where to stay? Nak ada sandy beach, nak halal food. Bawak anak kecik 2 orang 3yo and 5yo :p
    – Travelling around Coron tu camne? On foot? Motorbike?

    Thanks in advance Farah!

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