Travel from Don Muaeng Airport to BKK
November 11, 2013 Thailand

There are two airports in Bangkok. (1) Suvarnabhumi Airport which serves commercial airlines and 2) Don Muaeng (pronounced Dong Me-Eng) serves as main hub for Airasia, Nok Air, Thai Airasia and Orient Thai Airlines. When I arrived in Bangkok via Don Muaeng Airport, the question is how to travel from Don Muaeng Airport to BKK?

Bangkok is known for its massive city traffic. So if you were to arrive during the peak hours, you would one to consider this:-

1) Go to Gate 5 and wait for the A1 bus to Mo Chit station – THB30/per pax

2) Remember to ask the bus conductor where Mo Chit BTS station is. BTS station should not be confused with Bus Station.

3) Alight the bus at Mo Chit station which would be on your left side. (Note: We did ask the conductor, she did not understand English and we were then brought to Chatuchak Bus Station. We had to take metered taxi which costs us THB50)

4) From Mo Chit BTS Station, you could go to your specific destination such as Victory Monument, Siam Centre, Saphan Taksin etc.

This is how I travel from Don Muaeng Airport to BKK.

I also used the reverse journey from Victory Monument to Don Muaeng Airport.

If you have luggages, consider a metered taxi which could be easily found at one of the entrances. There is another way to travel from Don Muaeng Airport to BKK using A2 bus which would normally take longer than A1 journey.

Happy travelling in Bangkok.



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  1. Hi Farah,

    kita boleh lepak tak di DM Airport sementara tunggu siang? ada info tak untuk bas no.29 (don mueng – victory monument)? katanya ianya beroperasi 24 hours tetapi bila saya try utk cari info detail mengenai takdelah pula…

    terima kasih..

    • Masa pergi airport jam 5 pagi, memang meriah suasana airport waktu tu. So pendapat saya, boleh lepak di DM Airport sementara siang.

      Pasal bas no. 29 tu, saya tak berapa pasti samada memang 24 jam atau pun tidak.

  2. terima kasih farah…

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