White Water Rafting Sungkai
September 26, 2013 Malaysia

On 21.09.2013, 47 of us went for white water rafting experience in Sungkai. It was planned well in advance. It was my first time in Sungkai and I could not imagine what it would be like because different river provides different experiences. As for my group, there were 14 participants which were pulled together through my Facebook fanpage. The most committed participant was Azah who came all the way from Johor just to join the event.

Our meeting point was RnR Rawang. Because the group was very large, we ended up waiting for 1 hour extra at RnR. From RnR Rawang, we proceeded to Sungkai Tol Plaza where Radak Adventures crew waited for us. They led us to parking area near the chalets, which was 5 minutes away from Felda Residence Sungai Klah. Then, we were transported using a lorry and 4WD to the starting point.

Briefing – White Water Rafting Sungkai

As white water rafting Sungkai is not as popular as KKB white water rafting, I was thrilled to kick start the event. Before we were divided into groups of 4-5 persons, there was a briefing of 30 minutes on the safety, how to paddle, and the do’s and don’ts.

Briefing for White Water Rafting

With my sister and superblogger, Jard.

White Water Rafting Sungkai

  I was put in a group with my sister, Baby and two men from Technip whose names were Kelvin and Syed Azhar and our marshal was Riyok – the man behind Radak Adventures. Since our marshal played the role of sweeper, our boat was the last to set off. We had been informed that it has not been raining for already a week. The water level was moderate, thus less difficulty.

But, I fell out from the Boat

I fell out from the boat during the first rapid. “All left!!!”, the marshal said half screaming against the sound of flowing water. I quickly moved to the left in front of Kelvin and I was at the most front. The boat tilted to its left losing the balance. I was the first to fall out from the boat. My hands gripped the rope around the boat. After hearing a shout telling me to let loose the rope, I did body rafting to where the group was gathering. As the current was fast moving, I kept afloat and grabbed the rope which was thrown to me. Thank goodness, I survived the ordeal. My boat mates fetched me at the river bank. Apart from the drama, the rocky river bed had given  hard slaps on my bottom. It stayed  with me for few days until full recovery.

The rest of white water rafting Sungkai saw us successfully going through about 6-7 rapids with its finale the most difficult. Our boat was well-manoeuvred by our marshal who knew how to read the current and rocky situations. Unlike other boats, we knew we were in safe hands.

White Water Rafting Sungkai



WWR Sungkai

From time to time, we had to occasionally stop to wait for the rest of the group to arrive at the same point. It was a blessing in disguise for it sought to provide us time to re-energize ourselves after paddling hard. At the last stop, it was when we queued to face the hardest rapid. Seeing the drop from the rocks below the bridge, I was pretty sure there were butterflies in my stomach. Lucky, we managed through. But there was a group whose boat capsized just before the final drop. They were rescued. No one was hurt except for the tiny cut during the bruise with hard rocks.

On seeing participants laughing and enjoying themselves, I feel glad. So, shall we plan for next outing? At the end of the trip, we were treated to hearty lunch.

Experience with Radak Adventures

WWR Sungkai 21.09.2013 Participants

This is my second time using Radak Adventures. I would personally recommend their services for your white water rafting experience. The best season for white water rafting is April-June and October-December. They are based in Gopeng, but can operate at Ulu Slim, Sungkai and Kuala Kubu Bharu. I am satisfied with their standard of practice when it comes to safety. It was fun and enjoyable!

For more details, visit their website at

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