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Thatsofarah travel website was founded in January 2012 by the award-winning travel writer cum travel blogger, Farah Nadiah, who is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She practices law to fund for her travel. She makes extra time after work to write about her passion – travelling.

Winner for Prestigious Malaysia Tourism Award 2014/2015

Best Tourism Article (ENG)

The Hidden Jewel of  Mulu UNESCO World Heritage Site

The travel site serves as a written account of Farah’s travel adventures around the world especially Malaysia and South East Asia and at the same time a sharing platform to the world. The travel website chronicles Farah’s travel adventures across the world from scenic mountains, deep jungle, authentic cultures, hospitable people and the off-beaten paths.

Farah Nadiah has travelled extensively in South East Asia countries such as home country Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. Her interests are eco-tourism as she finds peace walking in the deep jungle, loves to scale both active and inactive volcanoes and explores the underwater seascapes. She is the adrenaline junkie who would jump into extreme opportunities.

She writes to share travel tips, inform the latest and upcoming travel destinations and inspire people to travel. She is fortunate to have the opportunities to collaborate with 

She is fortunate to have the opportunities to collaborate with tourism boards, hotels, airlines, travel agents and homestay provider, which enrich her with many experiences throughout the years as a blogger. She is still scouring the world looking for places which are too beautiful not to be shared or aspiring stories that can make world a better place to live.

If you are interested to work with her, drop her an email: farahnadiah[at]thatsofarah[dot]com.