Kuromon Ichiba Market, Osaka
February 24, 2018 Japan

After feasting over Japanese food for the last couple of days, it was timely to make a visit to the Kuromon Ichiba Market of Osaka, where the fresh products were put on sale before ending up as meals.

However, the timing was just off as we arrived late afternoon when the shops were starting to close down. In the hindsight, late afternoon means you escape the tourist crowd. 

One of the entrances into Kuromon Ichiba Market.

They sell everything, not just food.

Colourful flowers

Kuromon Ichiba Market is also an excellent place to find array of street food to sample from takoyaki, grilled scallop, oden and sashimi. Fresh sushi and sashimi are prepared fresh for immediate consumption. Being the most well-known fresh market in Osaka visited by tourists, the price can be quite stiff as compared to other local markets. But it will be difficult to resist the temptation of fresh food prepared under your nose. There is also tuna cutting demonstration available at Kuromon Ichiba Market.

Here are some of the products sold at Komochi Caraft Shisyamo.

The lobster clark temptation…

One of the inviting food I saw at Ichiba Kuromon Market.

As I walked through the maze of Ichiba Kuromon Market, I saw tables selling food, fruits and more fresh seafood. We were rushed through the whole area by our guide. I thought it would be lovely to saunter and to take in the scenes slowly. I stopped by a stall where the owner was cleaning the sea urchin, a task many are unfamiliar with. 

The wasabi plant is ain’t cheap a vegetable.

At the end of the Kuromon Ichiba Market, there is an open eating area where you can bring and enjoy your seafood fresh snack. As the seating areas are very limited, quickly enjoy the bite and leave for others to use the facilities. You can of course save your long conversations for nearby cafes. 

There are also toilets and currency exchange available at Kuromon Ichiba Market.


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