My Sarawak Adventures : Homestay Telaga Air
September 12, 2014 Sarawak
Homestay Telaga Air

How does it feel to stay at a homestay in Sarawak? I found my answer at Homestay Telaga Air. Telaga Air, 30km from Kuching City is one of the first homestay in Sarawak. It is a Malay Fishing Village with a lot to offer ranging from open sea fishing to cultural activities.

My stay at Homestay Telaga Air was short that I did not have the time to mingle with my adopted family. But here’s a photo for the memory.

Homestay Telaga Air

It was only 2D1N stay at the homestay. However I had a fun and fulfilling stay at Homestay Telaga Air and enjoyed the home made food cooked for us during our stay.

Our Lunch :-

Homestay Telaga Air

After lunch, we took the boat to Pulau Satang Besar , Salak Fishing Village and Kuching Wetland National Park.

Our Dinner :-

Melayu Sarawak Food

I find the Malay food served on us at Homestay Telaga Air is similar to Malay food in Peninsula Malaysia. However, in Sarawak there are many types of condiments which I never find in the Peninsular. Especially the purplish condiment served over lunch.

The most delicious food served during dinner was definitely umai. Umai is a traditional native dish for the Melanau people which consists of sliced raw fish or prawn with mixture of onion, chillies, salt and lime juice.

Bermukun or Bergendang

After a finger licking good dinner, we were brought to the community hall to watch Sarawak’s Malay ethnic culture heritage of “bermukun” or “bergendang”. Bermukun is a tradition inherited from the Malay ancestors. It is performed during the weddings. Interestingly, bermukun is manned by not less than 2 women who would hit the gendang while reciting pantuns. They are called “tukang bergendang” or “seh bergendang”. As the musics are played and the pantuns are recited, the people will dance to the tune.

Seh Bergendang - Bermukun



(best watched in 480p quality)

En. Mahmud Montot
Tel : +6082383054/+60148861975
Fax : +6082381736
Address : Homestay Kampung Telaga Air, D/A Persatuan Nelayan Kawasan Satang Biru, Telaga Air, 93050, Kuching, Sarawak 
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